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 Freight Forwarding

Project Cargo

We ship cargo from factories Worldwide and deliver cargo to jobsites Worldwide. Each project is unique, few jobs are alike and we take nothing for granted when we start up on a new Project. We handle all types of cargo which can be part of a project, from small shipments and containers, to very Large and very Heavy units. To get the cargo to its destination we can apply all modes of transportation:

  By Ship
 By Truck
 By Rail
 By Air

 ISO Tank Activities

Spot Business

With the Precious Logistics Pvt.Ltd. spot cargo trade becoming increasingly important in the Asia Pacific,Europe,Far East, CIS Countries,South East Asia,North America,Middle East,East and West Africa region; it is essential for new players to understand the key legal, commercial and technical issues. This knowledge will help them identify the concerns and new developments in the relevant market, to analyze risks and commercial positions rationally and to make informed and prudent decisions about Precious Logistics Pvt.Ltd. spot cargo transactions.