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 Freight Forwarding

Total Logistics Service

The concept of total logistics, like that of marketing, has been somewhat alien to traditional Indian business ethos. Logistics signifies the integration of two or more activities for the purpose of planning, implementing and controlling efficient flow of raw materials, in-process inventory and finished goods from point of origin to point of consumption. Transportation is often the single largest cost in the logistics process.

Logistics is a source of value addition. By streamlining transport, storage and handling operations, by reducing inventories (and the corresponding financial and storage costs) and by making the most cost-efficient use of available assets, logistics reduces the overall cost of the delivered goods while increasing their time and space utilities (right time, right place).

 ISO Tank Activities

Spot Business

With the Precious Logistics Pvt.Ltd. spot cargo trade becoming increasingly important in the Asia Pacific,Europe,Far East, CIS Countries,South East Asia,North America,Middle East,East and West Africa region; it is essential for new players to understand the key legal, commercial and technical issues. This knowledge will help them identify the concerns and new developments in the relevant market, to analyze risks and commercial positions rationally and to make informed and prudent decisions about Precious Logistics Pvt.Ltd. spot cargo transactions.